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MARKET PRO provides local businesses THE SOLUTION for  gaining new customers and generating great 5-Star Reviews!

In Today's Digital World
New customers will only be able to find you if your information is...


Your business identity needs to be seen everywhere.

You Have High Ratings

Higher 5-star customer ratings are today's super-magnet for new customers.


Wrong information will literally bury your business in today's digital world!


of businesses across the US have at least one incorrect or missing address online

3 out 4

people who use location search buy within one business day


of people won't consider a local business with no or low star ratings


of people pay attention to the quantity – total amount – of customer reviews
MARKET PRO is THE SOLUTION for  gaining new customers:
  • Direct Integrations with over 50 critical consumer data points 
  • Provides Enhanced Listing Information making your business come alive with photos, videos, business description, hours and holiday hours, staff bios, product & service lists, menus and more
  • Scrubs Bad Data Away making your Name, Phone & Address consistent and accurate all over the web 
  • Proprietary Geocoding puts Your Business accurately on all Maps 
  • Generate Powerful Reviews from your customers to be automatically included into Your Website, Google, Facebook and more!
Putting Your Business
...On The Map!
To attract more customers, you first need to make sure your business listings appear at the top of local search results with.

"A big part of winning is just showing up."

Market Pro pushes your listings to the top of the local search result across devices. Let us help your business capture the attention of high-intent customers and drive more revenue everywhere you do business. 
Creating your “Source of Truth”
Google, Google Maps, Apple Maps, Facebook, Bing, Yahoo, Yelp. When it comes to finding a local business, it doesn’t matter which app, map, search engine, directory, GPS device, or social network consumers use. What matters is your business information is accurate, everywhere and complete, at every turn.

So why let your business location data be strewn across multiple systems and spreadsheets with conflicting information and zero integration? Market Pro's super-hero power is the ability to correct information and then "match-lock" that data...thereby creating one source of truth for everything there is that needs to be known about your business. 
Powerful Customer Reviews
Builds Trust and Sales
Every day potential customers and search engines make decisions about your business based on the accuracy of your information they read on Google and other websites. Even more importantly they are making decisions based on your business’ 5-star ratings and reviews.

Market Pro provides a system for generating authentic reviews directly from your customers that will be automatically included into Your Website, Google, Facebook and more!
Imagine asking 10 random people where a particular restaurant is and receiving 10 different answers...
That would make you want to find another restaurant, wouldn't it?
Say Forever "Goodbye" to Duplicate Listings
Incorrect business listings are frustrating for customers and hurt your search rankings. Since search engines value consistency, duplicate listings can harm your local SEO. After all, if you ask ten different people a question and receive ten different answers, you can't have real confidence in any of them, right? 

With Market Pro's Duplicate Suppression process, we'll find and suppress duplicate listings at the publisher level, so potential customers will never see incorrect or incomplete data about your business ever again.
Enhanced Directory Listings
Our Market Pro service is unmatched in its reach and reliability. With our direct integration with over 50 critical consumer data points we put your business in definitive control of how your business listings appear — everywhere customers search.

"You'll shine above your competitors."

Market Pro provides Enhanced Listing Information making your business come alive with photos, videos, business description, hours and holiday hours, staff bios, product & service lists, menus and more
One Platform to Manage All Your Data and Reviews
Get a bird’s eye view of your 5-star review ratings as well as the data facts potential customers are seeing about your business.

"Now you can measure everything, everywhere."

With your all-in-one analytics dashboard you can see the total count and distribution of your customer ratings plus get a true picture of your business' performance across sites, platforms, and devices.

Name, Address, and Phone ( N. A. P. )

The essential information needed for someone to find your business. 
Is Your Businesses N.A.P Consistent Across The Web?

Do You Really Need to Be On All Of These Listings?

Quite frankly, Yes!

You as a business owner don’t have the time – nor should you – deal with the magnitude and scope of details that are needed to present a consistent source of business data to 50 key Internet websites…let alone the Top 10. That’s why we’ve created the Market Pro service.


10% discount from monthly payment
payment covers 3 months of service

Per Month


softer on your cashflow
no contract commitment
monthly auto-bill

Per Month


17% discount from monthly payments
one simple payment - one year of service

Per Year
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